How to Get Someone to Pay for an Essay You Wrote

How many essays did you write in the course of your last term in college? A dozen? Two dozen? Three? How many essays did you write over your entire time in college? Depending on the discipline you study, it may be quite a significant number. Most likely, right now you think that all these old essays are completely useless – you wrote and submitted them, received some kind of grade, and right now they just sit somewhere at the bottom of your hard drive. But what if we told you that they are worth something? What if we told you that there are people out there who will be happy to pay for essay writing – and we are not talking about signing up to write essays for somebody. No, we mean that you can literally get somebody to pay for your essay or essays you already wrote some time ago. Impossible, you say? You are mistaken – it is very much possible, and you can do it right here.

We Are Ready to Pay for Essay Writing

So, what do you need to get somebody to pay for an essay you already wrote and handed in? Nothing much – you simply have to upload this essay using a special form on our website. After that, our specialists will look through it, and we will tell you the amount of money we are ready to pay for the essay in question. The price may vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The discipline the essay deals with;
  • Its academic level;
  • Its word count;
  • The number of academic sources you refer to;
  • Complexity of the topic;
  • Language complexity;
  • Overall quality of your writing.

After that, you are free to either accept our offer or reject it. Soon after you accept it, we will transfer the funds according to the terms of our standard agreement.

Why Are We Ready to Pay for an Essay?

While your old academic texts may be worth nothing to you, other people can find various uses for them. For example, they can be used as samples of academic writing – it is much easier and cheaper to pay for essay that has already been written than to hire somebody to write a sample specifically for that purpose. There are many other ways people and organizations may find a way to use your essays and other academic papers – what you need to know is that your writing is worth money, and you can get it with our help. To what end we apply them after we buy them is our business – for you, it is enough to know that we are ready to pay good money for the writing that would otherwise just sit on your hard drive without being in any way useful to you.

Do We Pay for Essay Cheap?

If it is not the first time you encounter a company that is ready to pay for college essay writing, then you probably think that anyway, you are not going to get much for your academic papers. With the majority of businesses that buy essays and other papers, it is more or less true – you will not get any significant amount of money from them unless you sell dozens upon dozens of essays. With us, it is somewhat different. We understand that it is your writing, and you spent an enormous amount of time and energy working on it. Offering you to pay for essay cheap is nothing short of disrespectful towards you and your efforts. In our work, we follow the principle of win-win cooperation – we want both you and us to benefit from our interaction. Therefore, we pay a fair price for your essays, as long as they are worth paying for.

The more advanced your essays are, the more complex your language is, the more original and interesting their topics are, the more we will be ready to pay for them. Rare topics and complicated subjects are naturally worth more than run-of-the-mill essays commonly used by college and university students.

Is It Different from Being a College Essay Writer for Pay?

Many college students and graduates make writing essays and other academic assignments their regular source of income. However, selling your pre-written essays and being a college essay writer for pay are two different things. If you write essays for other people, either as a freelancer or as a part of a larger service, you have to dedicate your free time to this work. You have to write essays according to the specifications you receive from your clients. Depending on your academic workload, part-time jobs, and other responsibilities, you may be physically unable to find time for it. In case of selling your pre-written essays, you can simply visit our website at any time, say, “I am looking for somebody to pay for my essay writing” and send us as many of your already existing essays as you want. It is a good way to earn some money quickly without putting virtually any effort into it.

Do We Only Pay for College Essay Writing?

Our service pays for different types of essays and academic papers, but we are mostly interested in college and university-level essays that are over 1000 words long. You can find pricing guidelines on our website to get a better idea of how much we are likely to pay for essay papers of different types, topics, and sizes. In addition, we would like to emphasize one thing, even though it is fairly obvious – we only buy completely original papers, something that you wrote from scratch. We will check every essay you send us using an advanced anti-plagiarism algorithm. If there is any kind of copy/paste in your paper, we will not pay anything for it. Therefore, make sure your papers are one hundred percent original before you send them to us. 

Is It Legal to Have Somebody Pay for Your Essay?

Yes, it is completely legal. Your essays are a product of your labor and fully belong to you. You are free to do anything you want with them, including selling them to other people for them to use as they see fit. As long as you are the author of the paper in question (which means that it is your intellectual property), you are not breaking any laws by selling it for cash if the buyer is willing to pay for it. Of course, if you pay someone to write an essay for you and then decide to sell it, then your right to do it is pretty dubious.

Once you agree to our terms and get paid for your essays, they become our property, and from that moment onward we can do whatever we like with them. This means that you should not try to sell them to any other services that buy academic papers for cash. Also, you must not publish them anywhere after you sell them to us.

If you want to clarify any additional details about our work, simply contact our customer support. The members of our support team will be happy to answer your questions and will quickly get back to you after you send them your query. Make sure you study our FAQ beforehand – your questions may very well be already answered there.

We Are Ready to Pay for Essay Papers; But Why Should You Sell Them?

College essay writers for pay make writing academic papers their job, and some of them make good money. However, it is time-consuming, and not all people are cut out to write huge amounts of text all the time. However, what about the papers you already wrote?

Right now, they simply sit on your hard drive and do nothing but take space. Very little space, but still – they do nothing. You are highly unlikely to ever need them for any purpose ever again. If your hard drive breaks down, you will lose them forever, without them being useful to you in any way. They have already accomplished the goal you wrote them for – you got your grades. Why not sell them if you are not going to need them for anything else? Even if you will not receive a lot for them (and you can get much more than you expect), it would still be better for them than to fade into oblivion on your hard drive without ever being used again. Therefore, we believe that selling your old essays is just plain good common sense.

Are you interested in what you read here? If so, then do not wait any longer, and upload your old essays right now – the sooner you do it, the sooner you will get your money. Do you know other people who may have old essays, term papers, and other types of academic writing lying around collecting dust? Mention our service to them and suggest that they offer their texts to us for assessment. Do this, and everybody wins!

How to Sell Your Essays for Cash

You can sell your old or past essays for cash and put that money to work for you. No longer do you just toss your old term papers in the trash or delete them from your hard drive. No way, they are worth money! People buy these papers everyday for various different uses. See how much your past essays are worth. Submit your essays, get an offer, decide if you want to sell them or not. It's that easy. 

How Do I Sell My Old Essays?

Upload your essays to with the form provided and you will receive an offer. If you accept the offer then the funds will be transferred to your account per the terms of the agreement.


What Kind of Essays Do You Buy?

Essay that receive the most interest are college or university essays that are over 1000 words. See the pricing guidance to see how much your essay might be worth. The essay needs to be your creation and not plagiarized in any way. Plagiarized work will not be purchased and neither will essays less than 1000 words.

Is it Legal to Sell my Essay or Term Paper?

Yes it is perfectly legal to sell a paper that you wrote. It is your property and you can do with it as you wish. As long as it is your own intellectual property then you can sell it for cash.

I need some Cash, What Are My Options?

There a million reasons why someone might need extra cash. Let's look as some of the possibilities.

Sell Something You Own

You can sell anything that you own. This includes bicycles, backpacks, books, skis, shoes, cars, houses, and yes essays. If you have old essays stacked up on your hard drive, sell them. Money in your account is much better than essays on your computer that you will never use again.

Get a Personal Loan

You can look into getting a personal loan online if you need to come up with cash fast. This can be expensive and requires you to repay the funds plus interest. If you sell something you never have to repay the money, you earned it already. A signature loan is not the end of the world but cash is better.

Get a Job

You could get a temporary job or full time employment. This is a great options and we highly encourage everybody to get a job. There's really no downside to this, learn how to work hard and get paid. So we recommend getting a job and selling your old essays 4 cash.

Beg Your Parents for Money

Yeaaa.... nobody wants to beg their parents, nobody, for anything, ever.


If you are interested in selling your essays. We know people who are interested in purchasing them. How much are you going get? We can't really answer that until you submit your sweat equity papers.